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Individual consultation – career coaching session


60-minute online career coaching session.




👉 Do you want to make a difference in your career? Do you have ideas, but don’t know what to choose?
👉 Are you worried about your professional future and need professional support?
👉 You had no time to stop and think about professional changes and now the time has come?

Thanks to cooperation with me:

✅ You will create a professional development plan consistent with your values and predispositions
✅ You will become confident about the direction in which you want to develop your career
✅ You will make changes in your professional life that will bring you satisfaction

To achieve these results step by step:

1️⃣ We define your strengths, skills and talents
2️⃣ We check which values are most important to you and how they translate into the work you do
3️⃣ We build a vision of your perfect job
4️⃣ We make this vision a reality by conducting market research
5️⃣ We determine what you already have and what is still missing
6️⃣ We develop an action plan, i.e. a path to reach your goal
7️⃣ We check the progress in implementing the plan and remove the obstacles


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