I listen to the people and guide them through the change making process so they could start doing what they really want.

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New step in your career

Are you having professional challenges in your current work?

Would you like to turn your passion into business?

Are you thinking about changing jobs but you are not sure what your best fit is?

We’ll take a closer look at your strengths, talents and dreams. You will create your own career path.

Start doing what you love and make money doing it.

Inspiring leader

Are you managing a team of people and would like to improve the communication between the teammates?

Are you new to the manager role?

Are you preparing for a difficult conversation at work?

You’re in the right place! We’ll work on your leadership skills and competencies.

You will explore your strengths and experience to become a leader who supports and inspires the team to work together.

Life balance

Would you like to realize your dreams?

Do you want to live your life by your values?

Do you want to build better relationships with yourself and your loved ones?

Sign up for a session where you will define the goals which are most important to you.

I will assist you in creating a sensible action plan. I will help you find the best way to stay motivated to carry out the changes in your life.

Why should you work with me?


I am a professional coach holding a certification from the International Coach Federation with designation of Associate Certified Coach.

Since 2014 I have been leading coaching processes supporting my clients in clarifying their vision and reaching their goals.


I have conducted over 700 hours of coaching sessions supporting my customers in both Polish and English.


During the sessions I provide a safe and secure space where you can evaluate different ideas and solutions.


During coaching sessions I utilize a variety of tools and techniques that help you look at the situation from different angles and to get a broader picture.

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About me


Agnieszka Pater

Life & business coach

My name is Agnieszka Pater. I accompany people in their change. Throughout my life I have followed my passions which have led me to all different areas in the professional career. My education path started with Italian studies where I explored the language, culture and art of the country. That was followed by social science master degree where I took a deep dive into analyzing human relationships. Finally I obtained a post-graduate diploma in international finance where I got to know the rules of the business game. I worked as an interpreter in an Italian manufacturing company. I used to be a foreign language teacher for groups and individuals. And most recently, I have been working for the international company where I have gained experience as a manager of the team of specialists.

All these changes have led to me to where I am now – a role that connects the work with passion. It is coaching that combines the two things I love the most – listening to the stories of unique people and guiding them through the change. It is deeply rewarding to see people start doing things that make their lives both meaningful and joyful.


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The sessions motivated me to take concrete steps toward upskilling myself and moving into a new – desired role as a learning professional. Agnieszka with her great listening and nonjudgmental observing skills is a great coach to turn to in case you have any doubts what to do with your career.


Agnieszka was my coach and working with her helped me determine my goals in business area as well to take steps in personal development. (…) Whole coaching process was new to me but thanks to Agnieszka I opened more to this approach in career & personal development.


Agnieszka is a professional coach who uses many tools tailored to the client’s needs. Sessions with Agnieszka helped me to re-organize priorities in my private and professional life and focus on achieving my goals.


Agnieszka was coaching me sometime back and made me realize my potential and strengths as well as minuses to improve. (…) I believe each person who thinks to extend their limits should give a try coaching session with Agnieszka. It might be towards your career goals or personal ones.

Beata Brzezicka

Agnieszka is a good listener. The atmosphere of the meeting is professional, yet very friendly. That makes it easy to open up during a conversation. Each meeting is a shot of new thoughts and positive energy. I recommend coaching sessions with Agnieszka with all my heart!


Agnieszka has an amazing approach to people. She listens and connects the dots, reflects what she sees.

I highly recommend the “Spread your wings professionally” program. It puts your attention on your dream career and prepares you to start. It clears your vision and actions, so all that remains is to “spread your wings” and fly wherever you want!