Agnieszka Pater

Life & business coach

I am a professional coach holding a certification from the International Coach Federation with designation of Associate Certified Coach (ACC). I work in accordance with the code of ethics set by ICF. I have obtained post-graduate diploma at the Coaching Academy at WSB University in Gdansk. I am a practitioner of Points of You coaching method.

I have 12 years of experience working in a big company. I know the challenges and daily problems of the leaders as I have recruited and managed a team of specialists for 9 years. As an internal coach in the company I introduced elements of coaching culture and effective communication between the employer and the employees. I also conducted coaching trainings for the managerial staff.

Having worked in different industries, collaborating with people of various origins and languages has made me particularly close to the topic of cultural differences. As a coach and practitioner I will help you build your intercultural competencies. You will be able to build successful teams, establish lasting and satisfying relationships with people from other countries and achieve your goals.

Outside work I am a happy mom and wife. I know the pains and struggles of parents. I well understand the dilemmas of developing a career path, changing jobs or starting your own business while trying to keep a healthy work and family life balance.

I conduct coaching sessions in both Polish and English.



I had a pleasure to take a few coaching sessions with Agnieszka which resulted in a turning point in my career. Thanks to well-structured sessions I managed to see a big picture of my life, prioritize what currently was most important to me, which parts of my life required more attention from my side.

Agnieszka with her professional, calm and positive attitude helped me to realize what direction in my professional life I should follow to feel more satisfaction.

The sessions motivated me to take concrete steps toward upskilling myself and moving into a new – desired role as a learning professional. Agnieszka with her great listening and nonjudgmental observing skills is a great coach to turn to in case you have any doubts what to do with your career.

Ewa Bryła

Agnieszka was my coach and working with her helped me determine my goals in business area as well to take steps in personal development.

Sessions held by Agnieszka were very helpful to me. They were mobilizing me due to the fact that I had to hold myself accountable and report on progress. Thanks to coaching techniques used by Agnieszka I learned how to set systematic long term and short term action plan(s) for my goals.

Agnieszka is very open, pleasant and competent coach. She was actively listening, using different coaching techniques thus enabling me to openly discuss the subjects I was coached on. Whole coaching process was new to me but thanks to Agnieszka I opened more to this approach in career & personal development. I remember the whole experience fondly as Agnieszka is very positive, genuine and likable person.

Monika Stanković

Agnieszka was coaching me sometime back and made me realize my potential and strengths as well as minuses to improve. She was using professional coaching techniques to use me to help myself! It is a great method as I know myself the best. With her support I was able to see the full picture in more details and in a more realistic way.

Each session was related with another topic I would like to talk about. For my case it was really beneficial and I believe each person who thinks to extend their limits should give a try coaching session with Agnieszka. It might be towards your career goals or personal ones.

She is a certified coach with all necessary knowledge and principals to guide you through the direction you wish to go, I strongly recommend!

Ibrahim Kayadelen

Agnieszka is a professional coach who uses many tools tailored to the client’s needs. Sessions with Agnieszka allowed me to re-organize priorities in my private and professional life and focus on achieving my goals.

Sessions were conducted in a very nice and friendly atmosphere. I highly recommend working with Agnieszka!

Joanna Ciąćka

Agnieszka has an amazing approach to people. She listens and connects the dots, reflects what she sees.

I decided on the program because I’ve been going around the topic for 2 years and there was always something in between. Thanks to coaching sessions with Agnieszka I understood that neither personal development nor starting your own business is easy. There will be challenges and you have to face them if you want to achieve your goal. You can wait another year but it won’t give you much. It certainly doesn’t bring you closer to making your dreams come true.

I highly recommend the “Spread your wings professionally” program. It puts your attention on your dream career and prepares you to start. It clears your vision and actions, so all that remains is to “spread your wings” and fly wherever you want!

Monika Frackiewicz

Agnieszka is a good listener. The atmosphere of the meeting is professional, yet very friendly. That makes it easy to open up during a conversation. Each meeting is a shot of new thoughts and positive energy. I recommend coaching sessions with Agnieszka with all my heart!

Beata Brzezicka

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